I am a tech investor based in London. This website is where I experiment and write about themes that I am passionate about. Technology, startups, venture capital & investing, emerging business models, progress, democracy, and history are among the themes.

Also, here I aggregate some bits and pieces that were published elsewhere. Earlier, my writing was published by the WSJ, VentureBeat, Forbes, and various Medium publications.

I'm investing in data science-heavy companies at the pre-seed to A-stages when I'm not writing. Among my VC/angel investments are SenSat, KisanHub, FiveAI, QuestDB, Xihelm, and others.

Two themes hold a special place in my heart and deserve dedicated websites - neurotechnology and data science entrepreneurship, check them out.

You may find me smashed on mats at the FCG/ZR Team UK Brazilian jiujitsu academy.


The icon and collage by freepick/DinosoftLabs & Robert McCall.